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HindiMatching Puzzle Board

Rs. 249.00

Meet our exquisite Wooden Handcrafted Hindi Alphabet Puzzle Board, a perfect blend of art and education. The intricately carved puzzle pieces embody the distinct characters of the Hindi alphabet, showcasing the skilled hands of our artisans. With smooth, polished pieces made from high-quality wood, this puzzle board is an engaging and sustainable educational tool. Its playful yet culturally significant design makes it a must-have for classrooms, playrooms, or cultural learning centers. And don't worry, it's crafted with non-toxic materials for a safe and enjoyable experience. Unleash the curiosity and connection to language with our Wooden Handcrafted Hindi Alphabet Puzzle Board. CHANNAPATNA TOYS® brings you a range of Wooden Handicrafts, Custom wooden gifts, Wooden Engraved Gifts, and corporate gifts.