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About us

Welcome to CHANNAPATNA TOYS, a torchbearer in revitalising the fading heritage of traditional Channapatna craft, enchanting generations for over two centuries with its dazzling and harmonious wooden toys.

Who We Are...

CHANNAPATNA TOYS stands as the premier Retail Marketplace, seamlessly connecting manufacturers with consumers in the realm of traditional, eco-friendly toys. We infuse innovation to meet the dynamic needs of today's consumers.

Why Channapatna Toys?

In a world saturated with smartphone distractions and plastic toys, CHANNAPATNA TOYS emerges as a beacon for safe, growth-enabling play. Established in 2014, our mission is to showcase the incredible beauty of Channapatna's Eco-friendly Toys, reviving classic art and contributing to the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Reinvigorating the Diminishing Heritage

Since 1965, the number of artisans in the Channapatna crafts industry has plummeted from 6000 to less than 2000. CHANNAPATNA TOYSⓇ strives to reverse this trend by connecting artisans and manufacturers with consumers, fostering demand, fair income, and safeguarding traditional lacquerware.

Our Commitments:

  • Safety First: All our kids' toys are crafted from softwood, adorned with organic dyes, ensuring non-toxic, entirely safe play for your little ones.

  • Quality Assurance: We maintain a high-quality threshold, utilizing seasoned, sorted wood, and raw materials with geometrical precision.

  • Guided Craft Tour: Immerse yourself in the artistry with our seasonal Craft Tours, offering a hands-on toy-making experience for our esteemed guests.

Join us in preserving tradition, spreading joy through eco-friendly toys, and making a positive impact on artisans' lives. Explore the world of CHANNAPATNA TOYSⓇ and contribute to a legacy that transcends generations.

Ready to dive into the enchantment? Submit your details below, and let's craft timeless memories together!